4th Constantine Day of Coloproctology- International Symposium

17th May 2019 City of Nis


Faculty of Medicine

University of Niš Faculty of Medicine is a higher education institution, highly esteemed in the Republic of Serbia. Teachers and associates of the Faculty, with their professional, scientific, and pedagogical qualities have greatly contributed to its reputation, but also the students themselves, confirming the Faculty values in the country and abroad.
Faculty of Medicine, with its highly specialized, multidisciplinary, and coordinated work, contributes to the health of the general population and social welfare, by way of the organization, realization, and permanent improvement of all forms and levels of higher learning and research work in the area of medical sciences, and adequate health care activity in accordance with high national and international standards. Its mission is perceived as an incessant service to the general welfare of the society through its educational, research, and healthcare activity.